Lisa Beal

Lisa Beal

Professor and Associate Dean of Research,
Department of Ocean Sciences

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

MSC 328

Tel: (305) 421-4093

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Broadly, my research interests are in large scale ocean circulation and the role of the oceans in climate and climate change. In particular, the measurement of Western Boundary Currents, such as the Agulhas Current, in terms of their structure, transports, water masses, and mixing, and the estimation of basin-wide thermohaline fluxes in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. I use a variety of oceanographic instrumentation, including lowered and shipboard acoustic velocity profilers, and moored arrays of current meters and CTDs (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth). I study the role of the Agulhas system in the broader context of regional and global climate through analysis of ocean eddy-resolving coupled climate models. My service work revolves around increasing the diversity of our scientific community, including the retention of women in oceanography, and the advancement of capacity and resources to support a sustained measuring program of the Greater Agulhas System off South Africa.

Agulhas Current Time-series Project

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