Frank Millero

Frank Millero

Professor Emeritus Department of Ocean Sciences

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

SLAB 222

Tel: 305.421.4707

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My major research interests are in the application of physical chemical principles to natural waters (see Marine Physical Chemistry Group Web Page). I attempt to understand how ionic interactions affect the thermodynamics and kinetics of processes occurring in the oceans. Ionic interaction models are used to estimate the activity and speciation of ions in natural waters of known composition. Our recent studies have been concerned with the affect ionic interactions on the oxidation of both metals [Fe(II), Cr(III), Cr(VI)] and non-metals [As(III), S(II), S(IV)] in aqueous solutions.

My group is presently involved in programs attempting to synthesize the global CO2 cycle in the world oceans. We hope to characterize the flux of fossil fuel CO2 to the deep oceans. We also study the effects of ocean acidification on the speciation of metals in the ocean. The lower pH can affect equilibrium and kinetics of metals in the surface waters of the ocean. This can change the toxicity of metals such as copper on bacteria and phytoplankton in the ocean. It also can make some metals such as iron more available to marine organisms.


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