Matthieu Le Hénaff

Assistant Scientist

Cooperative Institute for Atmospheric and Ocean Studies

My research interests are focused on the understanding and constrain of regional to near-coastal ocean processes. The various aspects of this research are: (1) Study of the regional and coastal ocean dynamics, through modeling and observations. (2) Data assimilation based on Kalman filter, ensemble approaches, observation array design. (3) Development of coastal altimetry. (4) Oil spill modeling.

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  1. 2008: Ph.D in Physical Oceanography, University of Toulouse, France. Dissertation: Objective evaluation of observational networks in coastal ocean using ensemble modelling. Advisors: Pierre De Mey and Pierre-Yves Le Traon
  2. 2004: M. S. in Oceanology, Meteorology and Environment, University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, France. Thesis: Interannual variability of the tropical Atlantic ocean.
  3. 2004: Engineering degree, ENSTA, Paris, France.
Matthieu Le Hénaff

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