RSMAS Computing Facility


Monday, Aug 20, 2012.  We have moved Network Shares from the old netapp server on to new Open-Filer hardware.  After midafternoon, Monday, Aug 20, you should remount your networks following the directions in the Network Shares link to the left.  The syntax is slightly different and you will have to remount them.  Matlab access has changed as well- you will need to remount /matlab if you do it that way.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012.  For computer, network, and audio-visual support, send email to describing your issue with all the detail that you can provide, including full contact information for you; name, email, location, phone.  Your request will go to the appropriate RCF staff member and you will receive email with a ticket number- reply to that email, including the ticket number information in the Subject-line, to get further information on your issue.  Or go to to follow progress on your tickets.  Log in there with your RSMAS username / password

The Rosenstiel School Computing Facility (RCF) provides a central focus for student computing, network administration, and workstation/PC/MAC installation, maintenance and network connectivity. The RCF currently operates a single-mode fiber based backbone which connects the scientific facilities on Virginia Key, provides standard network services (email, web, file-sharing), and manages a variety of networked workstations and IBM PCs which are used for graduate student education. RCF also maintains several sets of independently supported workstations under contract to specific investigators and/or academic units in the School.