How much are the parking permits?
Permit Types and Cost (August 2017 - August 2018 Permit Cycle Rates)
RSMAS General - $75.00 USD per year
RSMAS-GABLES Inter-Campus - $125.00 USD per year
RSMAS Motorcycle Permits- $35.00 USD Per year
RSMAS Electric Vehicle Reserved Permit (Limited to 3 Permits): $750.00 USD Per Year


When do I need to purchase my permit by?
To give adequate time for delivery you should purchase your permit when they go on sale in July every year (unless otherwise announced). Each academic year parking permits expire in August prior to the Fall semester.


Why is there a new online system instead of the old process of purchasing permits from the Business Office?
The new online system has already been implemented by the Coral Gables Campus and allows for a more streamlined and user friendly purchasing process. Additionally, removes the administrative burden of managing the manual sale of hundreds of permits sold annually.


How do I get an inter-campus permit that allows me to park on the Coral Gables Campus for short periods?
Inter-campus permits will still be sold in the Business Office and are only available for faculty and employees who teach classes or have official University business on the Coral Gables Campus. You must bring your RSMAS permit with you when purchasing the inter-campus permit. Unlike previous years the inter-campus permit will be an add-on sticker to your RSMAS permit.


Can my permit be picked up?
All permits will be mailed approximately one week after applying. Please do not visit the Business Office to pick up your permit, as permits are mailed directly from the printer. Until you receive the permit you should display on your vehicle dashboard the email confirmation received.


How will I pay for my permit?
For employees, permits will be paid for through a one-time deduction from your September paycheck. Students will have the cost of their permit billed to their student account.


Should I purchase my permit pre-tax or post-tax?
The decision is entirely up to you. Most people select the pre-tax option.


Where on the Coral Gables Campus can I park if I have a RSMAS permit with an inter-campus sticker?
RSMAS permits with inter-campus stickers are valid on the Coral Gables Campus in green, grey, pink, red, white, and yellow lots.