Apply for a Permit

Permit Types and Cost (August 2017 - August 2018 Permit Cycle Rates)

RSMAS General - $75.00 USD per year
RSMAS-GABLES Inter-Campus - $125.00 USD per year
RSMAS Motorcycle Permits- $35.00 USD Per year
RSMAS Electric Vehicle Reserved Permit (Limited to 3 Permits): $750.00 USD Per Year

Faculty, Researchers, Staff, and Students

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Click “Click here to purchase your UM Parking Permit”
Step 3: Click “Get Permits”
Step 4: Click “UM Login”
Step 5: Enter your single sign on User name & password
Step 6: Click “Next>>”
Step 7: Confirm / Update your information and then click “Next>>”
Step 8: Select permit and agreement (Make sure it’s a RSMAS permit)
Step 9: Be sure to select “I have read and understand the above statements” then click “Next>>”
Step 10: Select, Add or Edit your vehicle then click “Next>>”
Step 11: Complete transition
Step 10: Select Delivery Method & E-Mail click “Next>>”
Step 11: Checkout click “Go to Checkout”

RSMAS Visitors, Affiliates, Vendors, Contractors, Intercampus Endorsement & RSMAS Electric Vehicle Reserved Permit

Step 1: Print and complete the (2017-2018 Vehicle Registration & Parking Permit Application) & (Intercampus Agreement for Intercampus Endorsement)
Step 2: Scan and E-Mail your completed paper applications to the for review and approval
Step 3: The approved application will be returned to you via E-Mail
Step 4: Take the approved application to the RSMAS Business Office to be issued your permit

Inter-Campus Endorsement

  1. Inter-Campus (RSMAS-Gables) permits are available for purchase by any Faculty, Staff, Researcher, or Student* who is required to travel to the Coral Gables campus for academic or business purposes on a regular basis.
    (Intercampus Agreement)
  2. After you have received your RSAMS Parking permit by mail you may apply for the Inter-Campus endorsement sticker. Follow the detailed instructions steps 1-4 for Intercampus Endorsement. Than visit the RSMAS Business Office (SLAB 110) with signed form and your hang tag in hand. Payment via credit card, check, or money order and you will be issued for the inter-campus endorsement

Notes about Inter-Campus Endorsement Stickers:

*Inter-Campus Endorsement Sticker is accepted in all parking lots with the exception of Purple & Blue parking lots on the Gables campus.

**Students are required to show a copy of their course registration on the Coral Gables Campus in order to purchase an inter-campus permit.

***Inter-Campus Endorsement is an add-on sticker which affixes to your RSMAS permit. Your RSMAS permit must be brought with you to the Business Office so the sticker can be affixed at the time of sale.

****The Graduate Studies Office will contact all TA’s with classes on the Coral Gables Campus once you may pick-up your inter-campus sticker. If you are TA on the Coral Gables Campus for only one semester then you will be required to return the inter-campus sticker at the end of the fall semester.

***** Emeritus / Retired must provide proof of Emeritus status (ie. Letter from HR or previous years parking permit)