Office of Emergency Preparedness & Campus Safety

Crime Prevention

Personal Safety Tips

  • Do not hold doors open for strangers or leave them propped open

  • Always lock your office or lab before leaving

  • Use well lit, well-traveled routes and try to walk with others

  • If you feel threatened by anyone, or any situation, contact RSMAS Campus Safety immediately.  You can always request a walking safety escort (make this a link to the “Walking Safety Escort” section) by calling 305-710-7991.

  • Program the Campus Safety phone number 305-710-7991 in your cell phone

Vehicle Security Tips

  • Always roll up your windows, put up convertible tops, and lock your car doors before leaving your vehicle

  • Never leave valuables in plain view.  Takes valuables (i.e. purses, wallets, GPS, iPods) and place them out of sight or in your trunk

  • If you are parked at Miami Seaquarium and working late, then consider moving your vehicle closer on to campus before dark.  Parking spaces on campus usually become available by 4:00 PM.

  • Carry your vehicle registration and insurance in your wallet or purse, do not leave it in your vehicle

  • Do not leave personal documents (i.e. bank statements, social security card, etc.) in your vehicle

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