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Ret Turner

Ret Turner

Ret Turner
Senior Systems Engineer, CSTARS

Meet Raymond (Ret) Turner, who has been working as a Senior Systems Engineer at the Rosenstiel School for nearly six years.

What attracted you to the Rosenstiel School?
I was really excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development of CSTARS. At the time it was a new venture with great potential to help science, and I wanted to be part of making it a success, and learn more about remote sensing and the science to be derived from the data we collect. Also, the prospect of experiencing a new climate (both physically and socially) had some appeal. I went from mountains to beach, and industry to academia when I took this job.

Do you have any hobbies?
I had to give up snow skiing when I moved here, but have recently taken up sailing. I would say restoring old cars as well, but considering my TR6 restoration hasn't progressed in nearly a decade, to say I provide sanctuary for old cars would be more accurate. Also like to travel, cook, and enjoy wines and visiting wineries.

Name something that you couldn't live without?
Oddly enough, at this moment I would have to say CSTARS. This little tree-covered oasis in the middle of the chaos that is Miami allows me a chance to take a breath, relax, and focus on really making sense of things.

If you become a millionaire, what would you do first?
Probably throw a party and spend an unwise chunk of it. Wouldn't feel right not to share it with friends.

If we spend over 10 hours a day with you, what should we know about your personality?
I hope you like running, because if you want ten full hours you’ll be up and down the halls of CSTARS chasing me around! I can’t stand to be unproductive. But mostly, I'm a hard working, mild-mannered guy who enjoys good people, good conversation and good beer.