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Fernande Saintilis

Fernande Saintilis

Fernande Saintilis
Sponsored Programs Specialist

Meet Fernande Saintilis, who has been working as a Sponsored Programs Specialist for two year and a half.

What attracted you to the Rosenstiel School?
I was attracted to RSMAS because of the career opportunity with Sponsored Programs and, of course, the scenic drive over the causeway.

Do you have any hobbies?
Unfortunately, I don’t have time to focus on having a true hobby, but in my dream world I would be an avid tennis player, a piano virtuoso and an accomplished equestrian. This will all be possible once they add an extra eight hours to the average day!

Name something that you couldn’t live without.
Since I am far from having 20/20 vision, my trusty pair of contacts are a MUST have item.

If you become a millionaire, what would you do first?
After screaming for joy, crying, and laughing; I would definitely take care of my family, donate and invest some of the money. I would also fulfill two of my business ideas.

If we spend over 10 hours a day with you, what should we know about your personality?
I live a pretty simple life, but you will find out that I can be silly at times. I like to sing even though I am partially tone deaf, which I often forget as I pretend to be Whitney Houston during my commute. Keep this in mind should you ever need a ride from me. Consider yourself warned.