Sharon L. Smith

Sharon L. Smith

Professor Emeritus Department of Marine Biology and Ecology

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

S Gros 319

Tel: 305.421.4819

Ecology of zooplankton, particularly copepods and euphausiids, in highly productive ecosystems and strongly physically forced oceanic environments such as upwelling areas, polar regions and coastal zones. These studies include population dynamics, community structure and spatial distribution of zooplankton in the Bering Sea, East Greenland Sea, Arabian Sea and California Current; feeding ecology of crustacean omnivores in the New York Bight; reproductive biology and life history strategies of copepods in the New York Bight, California Current, Greenland Sea and Arabian Sea.

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Ashjian, C., S.L. Smith, C.N. Flagg, and N. Idrisi.  (2002).  Distribution, annual cycle, and vertical migration of acoustically derived biomass in the Arabian Sea during 1994-1995.  Deep-Sea Research II, 49, 2377-2402.

Smith, S.L.  (2001).  Understanding the Arabian Sea: Reflections.  Deep-Sea Research II, 48, 1385-1402.

Roman, M., S. Smith, K. Wishner, X. Zhang, and M. Gowing.  (2000).  Mesozooplankton production and grazing in the Arabian Sea.  Deep-Sea Research II, 47, 1423-1450.

Smith, S. L., M. Roman, I. Prusova, K. Wishner, M. Gowing , L. Codispoti, R. Barber, J. Marra and C. Flagg.  (1998).  Seasonal response of zooplankton to monsoonal reversals in the Arabian Sea.  Deep-Sea Research II, 45, 2369-2404.



Prusova, I., Smith, S.L., and Popova, E. (2012): Calanoid Copepods of the Arabian Sea Region. Sultan Qaboos University Press, Muscat, Oman, 240pp.

Drapun, I. and Smith, S.L. (2012): Halocyprid Ostracods of the Arabian Sea Region. Sultan Qaboos University Press, Muscat, Oman, 223pp.



Sarma, Y.V.B., AlAzri, A. and Smith, S.L. (2012): Interannual variability of chlorophyll a in the Arabian Sea and its gulfs. International Journal of Marine Science, 2, 1-11.

Sarma, Y.V.B., Al Hashmi, K., and Smith, S.L. (2013): Sea surface warming and its implications for harmful algal blooms off Oman. International Journal of Marine Science, 3(8), 65-71.

Al Hashmi, K., Goes, J., Claereboudt, M., Piontkovski, S., Al Azri, A., and Smith, S. (2014): Variability of dinoflagellates and diatoms in the surface waters of Muscat, Sea of Oman: comparison between enclosed and open ecosystems. Journal of Marine Research, submitted.

Al Hashmi, K., Al Azri, A., Piontkovski, S., Claereboudt, M. and Smith, S. (2014): Variability in the abundance of potentially harmful phytoplankton species in a semi- enclosed bay in the Sea of Oman: An interaction with a 2008 Cochlodinium polykrikoides bloom. Bulletin of Marine Science, submitted.

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