Robert K. Cowen

Robert K. Cowen

Professor Emeritus, Marine Biology & Fisheries

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

Tel: 305.984.9309

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Larval fish ecology, fisheries oceanography, ichthyology.

My research centers on the ecology and life history of fishes, particularly the early life history of fishes. I have worked extensively on the biological and physical oceanographic processes affecting the retention and transport of larval fishes, in terms of examining larval dynamics, population replenishment and connectivity. My research also includes specific aspects of the ecology of larval fishes including vertical migration, growth, survival, and feeding. Besides larval ecology, I have worked on the reproductive and population biology of hermaphroditic (sex-changing) fishes, as well as community ecology of kelp bed systems. Recently I have been studying the role of juvenile habitat in the recruitment of fishes, population connectivity in marine fishes, and early life history dynamics of billfish. My research has been conducted on both reef-related and pelagic species throughout the Caribbean, along the East Coast of the US, California and Mexico.

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