Rana A. Fine

Rana A. Fine

Professor Department of Ocean Sciences

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149-1098

SLAB 258

Tel: 305.421.4722

Curriculum Vitae

The overall goal of our research is to understand the role of the ocean in climate change occurring on time scales of up to decades. Our research involves understanding the physical processes that influence the capacity of the ocean to take up atmospheric constituents, such as carbon-dioxide a greenhouse gas, and oxygen which ventilates the ocean. On time scales of decades, there are two main physical processes that affect the way the ocean and atmosphere interact. First is by air-sea exchange, where we have been using satellite and oceanographic observations to map variability of the global surface ocean alkalinity, a measure of the ability of seawater to neutralize acids. Second is by circulation and mixing of waters within the ocean. We have been using transient tracers to study where atmospheric gases are transported or their pathways, how long they take to get there, and changes in their ventilation time scales. We participate in several international Global Change programs. Our contribution includes the measurement and analysis of transient tracers, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). These tracers are like a dye showing pathways of newly ventilated waters, and their concentrations relative to their atmospheric histories and to each other give time scale information in the context of models.
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Other Publications

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Masters and PhD Committees

MS Committee Member for Leslie Connaughton, 1984-87
MS Committee Member for Michael Guzakowski, 1984-87
MS Committee Member for Kevin Maillet, 1988-90
MS Chair for Kathleen Prunier, 1987-91
MS Chair for Evan Howell, 1995-97
MS Chair for Bridgette O’Connor, 1996-98
MS Committee Member for Jason Masters, 1997-98
MS Committee for Mary Roche, 1998-99
MA Chair for Debra Willey, 1995-02

PhD Committee Member for Eric Chassignet, 1984-88
PhD Co-Chair for Kim Van Scoy, 1986-91
PhD Committee Member for Horacio Figueroa, 1988-91
PhD Committee Member for Mark Stephens, 1990-96
PhD Committee Member for Kitack Lee, 1993-96
PhD Committee Member for Victoria Coles, 1993-97
PhD Committee Member for Murat Aydin, 1994-99
PhD Co-Chair for Jorina Waworuntu, 1994-99
PhD Committee Member for Ashwanth  Srinivasan, 1995-99
PhD Co-Chair for Bridgette O’Connor, 1998-01
PhD Committee Member for Derrick Snowden, 2004-09
PhD Committee Member for Hector Bustos-Serrano, 2005-10
PhD Committee Member for Tania Casal, 2006-08
PhD Committee Member for Silvia Gremes-Cordero, 2006-10
PhD Committee Member for Mareva Chanson, 2006-09
PhD Committee Member for Lauren Zamora, 2007-10
PhD Chair for Corinne Hartin, 2006-12
PhD Committee Member for Jason Waters, 2010-12
PhD Chair for Xing Lu, 2012-present
PhD Chair for Molly Martin, 2013-present

Teaching Experience
Undergraduate Introduction to Chemical and Physical Oceanography, 1981-83
Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry Core Course 502, 1984-86, 1990-93
Global Geochemical Cycles MAC 640, 1990
Special Topics Course on Indian Ocean MAC 660, 1996-97
Introduction to Marine Science, MSC 111, Lab Section, 1998-99, 2006-present
Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar MAC 670, 1994-present
Survey of Oceanography, MSC 101, 1999-present
Chemical Oceanography, MAC 605, 2006-present
Carbon and Climare lecturer, RSM 572, 2006, 2008

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