Nelson Ehrhardt

Nelson Ehrhardt

Professor Department of Marine Ecosystems and Society

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

Cell: 305.773.1617

Tel: 305.421.4741

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Central America Billfish Association

Tropical fishery research is complex because of complicated population dynamic processes exhibited by tropical fish species. Efforts to assess the effects of fishery exploitation on these resources are usually marred by the considerable uncertainties associated with growth, mortality and reproductive characters of the species and the multi-species multi-gear character of the fisheries. My research interests are on the population dynamics of tropical fisheries such as coastal pelagics, billfishes and tunas, crustaceans (stone crabs, shrimp and lobsters), reef fishes (snappers and groupers) and squids. In conjunction with the above, I am involved in developing techniques and methods to study tropical fish stocks including simulation modelling and fishery management. I teach courses in Biometrics in Marine Science, Advance Biometrics in Marine Science, Marine Population Dynamics, and Fishery Biology Laboratory.

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Ehrhardt, N.M. (2000). The Atlantic Spiny Lobster Resources of Central America. In: Phillips, B.F., and J. Kittaka (Eds): Spiny Lobsters: Fisheries and Culture.  Fishing News Books, Second Edition, Blackwell Science: 153-168.

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Ehrhardt, N.M., and D. Shepherd (2001). Guyana shrimp fisheries.  FAO Fish.  Rep. No. 651:85-89.

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Ehrhardt, N.M., C.M. Legault, and V.R. Restrepo. (2001).  Density-dependent linkage between juveniles and recruitment for the pink shrimp (farfantepenaeus duorarum) in southern Florida. ICES Jour. Mar. Sci. 58:1100-1105.

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