Marjorie Oleksiak

Marjorie Oleksiak

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Department of Marine Biology and Ecology

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

SLAB 262

Tel: (305) 421-4341

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evolutionary genomics, population responses to environmental stressors, molecular mechanisms of adaptation

Refereed book chapters:

Oleksiak, M. F. Toxicogenomics in Biochemical Toxicology, in press.

Oleksiak, M. F. and D. L. Crawford.  Functional Genomics in Fishes: Insights into Physiological Complexity, in The Physiology of Fishes, CRC Press, 523-549, 2006.

Juried or refereed journal articles:

Du, X., D. L. Crawford and M. F. Oleksiak, 2015. Effects of Anthropogenic Pollution on the Oxidative Phosphorylation Pathway of Hepatocytes from Natural Populations of Fundulus heteroclitus. Aquat Toxicol 165: 231-240.

Dayan, D. I., D. L. Crawford and M. F. Oleksiak, 2015. Phenotypic plasticity in gene expression contributes to divergence of locally adapted populations of Fundulus heteroclitus. Mol Ecol 24(13): 3345-3359.

Williams, M. A. and M. F. Oleksiak. Signatures of Selection in Natural Populations Adapted to Chronic Pollution.  Molecular Ecology, in review.

Crawford, D. L. and M. F. Oleksiak. The biological importance of measuring individual variation.  J Exp Biol. 2007 May 1;210(Pt 9):1613-21.

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Oleksiak, M. F., Roach, J. L., and D. L. Crawford.  Natural variation in cardiac metabolism and gene expression in Fundulus heteroclitus.  Nature Genetics, Jan;37(1):67-72, 2005.

Adams, S. M., Oleksiak, M. F., and D. D. Duvernell.  A Set of Microsatellite Primers for the Atlantic Coastal Killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus, with applicability to related Fundulus species.  Molecular Ecology Notes (2005) 5,  275-277.

Paschall, J. E., Oleksiak, M. F., VanWye, J. D., Roach, J. L., Whitehead, J. A., Wyckoff, G., Kolell, K. J., and D. L. Crawford.  Systems level functional annotation for the analysis of gene expression.  BMC Genomics, Dec 20;5(1):96, 2004.

Oleksiak, M. F., Wu, S., Parker, C., Qu, W., Cox, R., Zeldin, D. C., and J. J. Stegeman.  Identification and regulation of a new vertebrate cytochrome P450 subfamily, the CYP2Ps, and functional characterization of CYP2P3, a conserved arachidonic acid epoxygenase/19-hydroxylase.  Arch. Biochem. Biophys.  Mar 15; 411(2):223-34, 2003.

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Oleksiak, Marjorie F., Wu, Shu, Zeldin, Darryl C., Stegman, John J.  Characterization of members of the novel cytochrome P450 subfamilies CYP2N and CYP2P from the fish Fundulus heteroclitus. Marine Environmental Research, 46(1-5): p. 125-126, 1998.

Stegeman, J. J., B. R. Woodin, H. Sing, M. F. Oleksiak, and M. Celander.  Cytochromes P450 (CYP) in tropical fishes: Catalytic activities, expression of multiple CYP proteins and high levels of microsomal P450 in liver of fishes from Bermuda.  Comp. Biochem. Physiol.  116C: 61-75, 1997.

Oleksiak, M.F. and J.J. Stegeman.  Cloning and partial sequence analysis of multiple P450 genes from the marine fish, Fundulus heteroclitus.  Marine Environmental Research, 42(1-4): p. 25, 1996.

Morrison, H., M. Oleksiak, N. Cornell, M. Sogin, and J. Stegeman.  Identification of cytochrome P4501A genes from two teleost fish, toadfish (Opsanus tau) and scup (Stenotomus chrysops), and phylogenetic analysis of CYP1A genes.  Biochem. J.  308:  97-104, 1995.

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Eller, M. S., Oleksiak, M. F., McQuaid, T. J. ,McAfee, S. G., Gilchrest, B. A.  The molecular cloning and expression of two CRABP cDNAs from human skin.  Experimental Cell Research, 1992. 198(2): p. 328-336, 1992.

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