Kenny Broad

Kenny Broad

Professor, Director,
Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy,
Department of Marine Ecosystems and Society

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149


Tel: (305) 421-4851


Ecological anthropology, climate and society interaction, environmental policy


Books & monographs published:

Bakun, A. and K. Broad (Editors) (2002).  Climate and Fisheries: Interacting Scales, Paradigms and Policy Approaches. New York: Columbia Earth Institute and International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, IRI Publication-IRI-CW/02/1, 70 pp.

Van Nguyen, C.,  B. Hong Long, K. Broad, A.R. Rasmussen. (2016). Ran Bien Vietnam (Sea Snakes of Vietnam). Nha Trang: Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, 62 pp.

Juried or refereed journal articles and book chapters (* indicates supervised grad student or postdoc)

*Arienzo, M.A., P. K. Swart, Broad, K., Clement A., Pourmand, A., Kakuk, B.  (2017) Multi-proxy evidence of millennial scale climate variability from multiple Bahamian speleothems.  Quaternary Studies Review. Vol.pp.  (In Press).

Mumby, P., J. Sanchirico, K. Broad, M. Beck, P. Tyedmers, T. Okey, L. Crowder, E. Fulton, D. Kelso, J. Kleypas, M. Morikawa, S. Munch, P. Glynn, K. Matthews, J. Lubchenco. (2017) Avoiding a crisis of motivation for ocean management under global environmental change. Global Change Biology. Vol (early release online), pp. 1-14.

*Wester, J., Timpano, K.R., Çek, D., & Broad, K. (2016). The Psychology of Recycled Water: Factors Predicting Disgust and Willingness to Use. Water Resources Research. (52), pp. 3212-3226.

*Arienzo, M.A., P. K. Swart, Pourmand, A., Broad, K., Clement A., Murphy L.N., Vonhof, H.B., Kakuk, B.  Bahamian speleothem reveals temperature decrease associated with Heinrich stadials. (2016)  Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Vol. 430, 15 Nov., pp. 377-386.

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