Jacobus van de Kreeke

Jacobus van de Kreeke

Professor Emeritus Department of Ocean Sciences

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

Tel: 305.421.4650

Lab Website

Coastal engineering, estuarine and nearshore hydrodynamics.

Cross-sectional stability of tidal inlets: a comparison between numerical and empirical approaches. Submitted to Coastal Engineering, 2011. Co-authors: T.T.Tran, M.J.F.Stive and D.R. Walstra

The effect of a topographic high on the morphological stability of a two-inlet bay system. Coastal Engineering, Vol. 55, 2008, pp 319-332. Co-authors: R.L. Brouwer, T.J.Zitman and H.M.Schuttelaars

An aggregate model for the adaptation of the morphology and sand bypassing after basin reduction of the Frisian Inlet. Coastal Engineering, Vol 53, 2006, pp 255-263.

Observations on silt and sand transport in the throat section of the Frisian Inlet. Coastal Engineering, Vol 52, 2005, pp 159-175. Co-author: A. Hibma

Equilibrium and cross-sectional stability of tidal inlets: application to the Frisian Inlet before and after basin reduction. Coastal Engineering, Vol. 51, 2004, pp 337-350

An analytical model for the morphodynamics of a trench in the presence of tidal currents. Continental Shelf Research, Vol. 22, 2002, pp 1811-1820. Co-authors: S. E. Hoogewoning and M. Verlaan

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