Harry A. DeFerrari

Harry A. DeFerrari

Professor Department of Ocean Sciences

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

MSC 122

Tel: 305.421.4644

Lab Website

Underwater acoustics, signal processing.

DeFerrari, H.A., Williams, N.J., and Nguyen, H.B. "Focused Arrivals in Shallow Water Propagation in the Florida Straits" Submitted to ARLO Acoustical Society of America, 2003.

Olson, D.B., DeFerrari, H.A., Johns, W.E., Shay, L.K., Lee, T.N. (2002) "Mesoscale modulation of cross shelf exchange in the Florida Straits", Submitted to Oceanography Today, 2003.

Nguyen, H.B., DeFerrari, H.A., Williams, N.J., and Venezia, W.A., "Ocean acoustic sensor Installation at the South Florida Ocean Measurement Center". IEEE J. Ocean Eng. 27 (2), 2002.

DeFerrari, H.A., Williams, N.J., and Nguyen, H.B., Variability, coherence and predictability of shallow water propagation in the Straits of Florida. N.G. Pace and F.B. Jensen (eds.) "Impact of Littoral Environmental Variability on Acoustic Prediction and Sonar Performance" 2002, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Printed in the Netherlands, 245-255

"Modulation of Detectable Pulse Response Time Spreads in Shallow Water Resulting from a Combination of Sound Speed Variability and Bottom Loss." Harry A. DeFerrari (with C. Monjo and Hien Nguyen) J.A.S.A.  Vol. 109, No. 1, August 1996.

"A General Purpose Autonomous Transmitter and Receiver System for Underwater Acoustic Experiments." Harry A. DeFerrari (with Hien B. Nguyen, and Neil Williams). IEEE J. of OEN Vol. 21, No. 1 Jan 1996

"Analysis of Pulse Propagation in a Bottom Limited Sound Channel With a Surface Duct."  Harry A. DeFerrari (with Charles Monjo) J.A.S.A. Vol.95, No. 6, June 1, 1994

"A Synthetic Bandwidth Measurement System for the Acoustic Remote Sensing of Geo-acoustic Properties of Bottom Sediments."  Harry A. DeFerrari, Neil J.Williams and Hien B. Nguyen IEEE, J. OEN. April, 1994.

"Low-Frequency Sound and Marine Mammals - Current Knowledge and Research Needs" H. DeFerrari with other Authors.  National Academy Press, Wash D.C., 1994

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"Acoustic Reciprocal Transmission Experiments,"  Florida Straits.  J.A.S.A. Vol.79, No.2  Feb. 1986 

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