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Andrew Bakun

Professor Department of Marine Ecosystems and Society

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

E Gros 212

Tel: 305.421.4986

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Physical-biological interaction in the ocean. Environmental effects on the population dynamics of exploted fish populations. Role of small pelagic fishes in upwelling ecosystems. Effects of climate variability on marine ecosystems and populations. Rapidly-evolving adaptive responses mechanisms acting at the population level. Design of effective multidisciplinary fisheries—environment research approaches.

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Bakun A. (2013) Ocean eddies, predator pits and bluefin tuna: implications of an inferred ‘low risk-limited payoff’ reproductive scheme of a (former) archetypical top predator. Fish and Fisheries, 14: 424-438. 

Patterns in the Ocean (PDF)

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  • MBF 610 — Physical Environment of Marine Organisms

  • RSM565 — Fisheries Ecology and Oceanography

  • MSC 364 — Life in Moving Fluids

  • MSC 301 — Physical Oceanography (Saltwater Semester Program)

  • MSC 351 – Physical-Biological Interactions in Ocean Ecosystems I

  • MSC 352 – Physical-Biological Interactions in Ocean Ecosystems II

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