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Rosenstiel School Faculty Index

  • Bruce Albrecht Bruce Albrecht Professor Emeritus, — 305.421.4043

    Cloud-climate interactions, boundary layer structure and processes

  • Falk Amelung Falk Amelung Professor, — 305.421.4949

    Active Volcanism and Tectonics, InSAR, Remote Sensing

  • Elliot L. Atlas Elliot L. Atlas Professor and Graduate Program Director,
    — (305) 421-4128

    sources, transport, and transformation of atmospheric trace gases in the global atmosphere

  • Jerald S. Ault Jerald S. Ault Professor and Chair, — (305) 421-4884

    Theory and application of quantitative methods to assess marine fish population risks from exploitation and environmental changes; ecosystem modeling; and, resource management decision-making under uncertainty.

  • Roni Avissar Roni Avissar Professor and Dean, — 305.421.4000

    Hydrology, Climate Modeling, Atmospheric Science, Aerodynamics, Sensing and Sensor Systems, Environmental Engineering, Aerosols

  • Elizabeth Babcock Elizabeth Babcock Associate Professor — 305.421.4852

    Fish Stock Assessment, Fisheries Research and Management, Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management, Marine Conservation Biology

  • Andrew C. Baker Andrew C. Baker Associate Professor — 305.421.4642

    Biology and ecology of reef corals; climate change effects on coral reefs; molecular ecology and systematics

  • Andrew Bakun Andrew Bakun Professor — 305.421.4986

    Climate and Fisheries, ocean processes regulating marine population dynamics

  • Lisa Beal Lisa Beal Professor and Associate Dean of Research,
    — (305) 421-4093

    Open ocean circulation, western boundary currents, heat and freshwater transports

  • Keir Becker Keir Becker Professor — 305.421.4661

    Marine Geophysics

  • Daniel Benetti, Ph.D. Daniel Benetti, Ph.D. Professor — 305.421.4889

    Aquaculture science, technology, R&D, management, project development, environmental monitoring, site and project feasibility studies, business and production planning

  • Francisco Beron-Vera Francisco Beron-Vera Research Associate Professor — 305.421.4873

    Transport and mixing processes in geophysical fluids; geophysical waves and flow stability; geophysical fluid dynamics and thermodynamics

  • Larry E. Brand Larry E. Brand Professor — 305.421.4138

    physiology, ecology and evolution of phytoplankton

  • Kenny Broad Kenny Broad Professor, Director,
    Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy,
    — (305) 421-4851

    ecological anthropology, climate and society interaction, environmental policy

  • Michael G. Brown Michael G. Brown Professor and Graduate Program Director — 305.421.4640

    underwater sound propagation, Lagrangian dynamics and transport processes in the ocean and atmosphere, surface gravity wave dynamics

  • Angela Clark Angela Clark Librarian Associate Professor — 305.421.4020

    academic and research libraries

  • Amy Clement Amy Clement Professor — 305.421.4846

    Climate modeling, paleoclimate, tropical ocean-atmosphere interactions

  • Hilary Close Hilary Close Assistant Professor, — (305) 421-4306

    Marine organic and stable isotope geochemistry; effects of particle dynamics and microbial degradation on the biological pump

  • Douglas L. Crawford Douglas L. Crawford Professor — 305.421.4121

    evolutionary genomics and metabolism, physiological and evolutionary ecology, molecular mechanisms regulating transcription

  • Evan D’Alessandro Evan D’Alessandro Director, Master of Professional Science Program
    Lecturer — 305.421.4848

    the early life stages of coral reef fishes, the relationship between population stability and biodiversity/habitat complexity, the ecology of fishes on deep (> 30 m) coral reefs

  • Harry A. DeFerrari Harry A. DeFerrari Professor — 305.421.4644

    underwater acoustics, signal processing

  • David Die David Die Research Associate Professor,
    — 305.421.4607

    fisheries management, fish stock assessment, bio-economics

  • Mark A. Donelan Mark A. Donelan Professor Emeritus — 305.421.4717

    Air-sea interaction, wave dynamics, boundary layer turbulence,wave modelling, remote sensing, gas transfer, storm surge modelling, wind stress modelling

  • William M. Drennan William M. Drennan Professor, — (305) 421-4798

    Air-sea interaction, turbulence, boundary layers, surface gravity waves

  • Gregor Eberli Gregor Eberli Professor — 305.421.4678

    Seismic Stratigraphy

  • Nelson Ehrhardt Nelson Ehrhardt Professor — 305.421.4741

    fishery research and management; marine population dynamics analysis and modelling, fisheries oceanography

  • Maria L. Estevanez Maria L. Estevanez Senior Lecturer — 305.421.4012

    management of recreational and commercial fishing, industry economic impact studies, marine resource allocation policy, marine geographic information systems

  • Jack W. Fell Jack W. Fell Professor Emeritus — 305.421.4603

    mycology, mangrove and marshland ecology, molecular systematics and the adaptation to rapid identification systems for marine, medical and industrial applications.

  • Lynne A. Fieber Lynne A. Fieber Associate Professor — 305.421.4906

    electrophysiology of marine organisms

  • Rana A. Fine Rana A. Fine Professor — 305.421.4722

    the role of the oceans in climate change occurring on time scales of up to decades

  • Cassandra Gaston Cassandra Gaston Assistant Professor — 305.421.4979

    atmospheric particles and trace gases, ocean-atmosphere interactions, and air quality

  • Peter W. Glynn Peter W. Glynn Professor — 305.421.4134

    coral reef biology; disturbance ecology

  • Lisa Murphy Goes Lisa Murphy Goes Lecturer — (305) 421-4990


  • Hans C. Graber Hans C. Graber Professor and CSTARS Director — 305.421.4935

    Surface wave dynamics, microwave remote sensing of ocean processes, air-sea interaction and boundary-layer dynamics

  • Martin Grosell Martin Grosell Professor — 305.421.4623

    toxicology and physiology of fish

  • Neil Hammerschlag Neil Hammerschlag Research Assistant Professor,
    — (305) 421-4356

    Behavioral ecology of Sharks, predator-prey interactions, biomagnification of toxins; marine conservation; Outreach programs

  • Dennis Hansell Dennis Hansell Professor and Chair, — 305.421.4078

    Biogeochemical cycling of the major elements (carbon, nitrogen, etc.), particularly through dissolved organic matter (DOM). Open ocean and polar seas; times series, ocean sections, and process studies. Air-sea interactions; biogeochemical processes of both surface and deep ocean waters.

  • Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann Lecturer and Director, Underwater Archaeology and Exploration program — 305.421.4347

    Hanselmann’s exploration and archaeological research ranges from submerged prehistoric deposits in springs and caves to historic shipwrecks in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Jim Happell Jim Happell Research Associate Professor — 305.421.4111

    use of transient tracers, such as chlorofluorocarbons and tritium, to determine groundwater flow patterns and rates

  • Christopher Harrison Christopher Harrison Professor — 305.421.4610

    Paelomagnetism, Plate Tectonics, Sea Level Changes, Earth System Science

  • Brian Haus Brian Haus Professor — 305.421.4932

    Experimental studies of coastal ocean surface currents; radar remote sensing of oceanographic processes; shelf and estuary dynamics; current-wave-wind interactions; sediment transport; laboratory studies of air-sea interactions and turbulence in the ASIST facility

  • Keene Haywood Keene Haywood MPS Exploration Science Track Coordinator
    — (305) 284-1781

    Citizen science, applications of technology to exploration, video production and multimedia in science communication, and geospatial technologies.

  • Gary Hitchcock Gary Hitchcock Associate Professor — 305.421.4926

    phytoplankton ecology; biological oceanography

  • Anthony J. Hynes Anthony J. Hynes Professor, — (305) 421-4173

    development of laser diagnostics for the study of the kinetics and spectroscopy of fundamental processes in atmospheric, plasma and combustion chemistry

  • Jorg Imberger Jorg Imberger Professor (Adjunct) — (305) 421-4192

    Environmental fluid dynamics; sustainable functionality; adaptive, real-time, self learning control and management of aquatic system.

  • Mohamed Iskandarani Mohamed Iskandarani Professor — 305.421.4045

    Applied mathematics, data assimilation, ocean modeling

  • William Johns William Johns Professor — 305.421.4054

    Ocean dynamics, boundary current and mesoscale processes, marginal seas and straits

  • Igor Kamenkovich Igor Kamenkovich Professor — 305.421.4108

    ocean dynamics, large-scale ocean circulation, meso-scale eddies and small-scale mixing interaction

  • Ben Kirtman Ben Kirtman Professor — 305.421.4046

    El Niño prediction, dynamics and low frequency variations; impact of atmospheric stochastic forcing on coupled climate variability; El Niño-Monsoon interactions; and the maintenance of the inter-tropical convergence zone.

  • Villy Kourafalou Villy Kourafalou Research Professor — (305) 421-4905

    Physical Oceanography of coastal and regional seas. Land-sea and coastal to offshore interactions. Ocean modeling and prediction. Evaluation and optimization of observing systems.

  • Chris Langdon Chris Langdon Professor and Chair — (305) 421-4614

    coral and algae primary production, respiration and calcification, response of corals and coral reefs to global change tropical marine ecosystems

  • David Letson David Letson Professor — 305.421.4083

    economics of climate variations and extreme weather

  • Guoqing Lin Guoqing Lin Associate Professor
    and Graduate Program Director,
    — 305.421.4150

    Earthquake relocation, seismic velocity and attenuation tomography, volcano seismology, subduction earthquakes, and spatial/temporal variations of seismic properties.

  • Diego Lirman Diego Lirman Associate Professor — (305) 421-4168

    benthic ecology, population dynamics, stress response of corals and sea grasses

  • Sharanya Majumdar Sharanya Majumdar Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies,
    — (305) 421-4779

    Tropical cyclones, adaptive observations, ensemble forecasting, predictability

  • Brian Mapes Brian Mapes Professor — 305.421.4275

    Atmospheric convection and clouds, tropical meteorology, climate dynamics.

  • Arthur Mariano Arthur Mariano Professor — 305.421.4193

    Data analysis and assimilation techniques, mesoscale ocean dynamics, Lagrangian ocean descriptions

  • Kevin McCracken Kevin McCracken Associate Professor — 305.284.3973

    Evolutionary population genetics, high-altitude physiology and waterbird biology.

  • Danielle McDonald Danielle McDonald Associate Professor — 305.421.4856

    animal physiology, molecular biology, pharmacology and toxicology

  • John McManus John McManus Professor, — (305) 421-4814

    coral reef assessment, monitoring and management

  • Sarah K. Meltzoff Sarah K. Meltzoff Associate Professor — 305.421.4087

    marine resource management and sustainable development policy, social analyses of fisheries and aquaculture

  • Liza Merly Liza Merly Senior Lecturer — Tel: 305-284-3629

    RSMAS/MBF University of Miami

  • Frank Millero Frank Millero Professor Emeritus — 305.421.4707

    the application of physical chemical principles to natural waters

  • Peter Minnett Peter Minnett Professor — (305) 421-4104

    Satellite remote sensing, air-sea interaction, Arctic studies

  • James Natland James Natland Research Professor — 305.421.4123

    Igneous Petrology and Marine Geology

  • David Nolan David Nolan Professor and Chair — 305.421.4930

    Dynamic meteorology, tropical cyclones, vortex dynamics, numerical modeling

  • Josefina Olascoaga Josefina Olascoaga Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director,
    Applied Marine Physics — (305) 421-4647

    Modeling of biophysical interactions; geophysical flow stability; Lagrangian dynamics

  • Marjorie Oleksiak Marjorie Oleksiak Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies — (305) 421-4341

    evolutionary genomics, population responses to environmental stressors, molecular mechanisms of adaptation

  • Donald Olson Donald Olson Professor — 305.284.2180

    Ocean circulation dynamics, mesoscale phenomena, ecosystem dynamics

  • Peter Ortner Peter Ortner Research Professor — 305.421.4619

    biological and fisheries oceanography

  • Tamay Ozgökmen Tamay Ozgökmen Professor — 305.421.4053

    Numerical modeling of mesoscale oceanic processes, small-scale mixing and Lagrangian motion

  • Claire B. Paris-Limouzy Claire B. Paris-Limouzy Professor,
    — (305) 421-4219

    Coastal Oceanography: biophysical modeling; Individual Based Models (IBM); physical-biological Interactions (PBI); dispersal and recruitment processes Ecology: larval fish ecology and taxonomy; metapopulation theory and seascape ecology

  • Larry Peterson Larry Peterson Professor — (305) 421-4692

    Micropaleontology, Paleoceanography

  • Guillermo Podestá Guillermo Podestá Research Professor, — (305) 421-4142

    Satellite remote sensing, oceanic variability, physical- biological interactions

  • Kimberly Popendorf Kimberly Popendorf Assistant Professor — (305) 421-4328

    Microbial biogeochemistry, Geochemistry research

  • Ali Pourmand Ali Pourmand Associate Professor — 305.421.4384

    Applications of isotope and organic geochemistry in paleoceanography, paleoclimatology and cosmochemistry.

  • Joseph M. Prospero Joseph M. Prospero Professor Emeritus — 305.421.4159

    aerosol chemistry of the marine atmosphere and the biogeochemical effects of the long range atmospheric transport of materials from the continents to the ocean environment

  • Sam Purkis Sam Purkis Professor and Chair — 305.421.4351

    My research currently focuses on some fundamental questions about the behavior of carbonate depositional environments. In particular, the role that spatial self-organization plays in their patterning and architecture.

  • Pamela Reid Pamela Reid Professor — 305.421.4606

    Carbonate Sedimentology

  • Jill Richardson Jill Richardson Program Director & Senior Lecturer — (305) 421-4340

    marine mammal behavior, acoustics, welfare, cognition, and health; marine science education/outreach

  • Roland Romeiser Roland Romeiser Associate Professor — (305) 421-4645

    Radar imaging of surface currents, winds, and waves; wave-current-wind interactions

  • Michael Schmale Michael Schmale Professor — 305.421.4140

    diseases of marine organisms, carcinogenesis

  • Joseph E. Serafy Joseph E. Serafy Research Professor & Editor, Bulletin of Marine Science — 305.361.4255

    fisheries ecology, essential fish habitat for coastal and pelagic fishes

  • Lynn “Nick” Shay Lynn “Nick” Shay Professor — 305.421.4075

    Air-sea interactions, ocean response to atmospheric forcing, aircraft-based ocean measurement, coastal ocean observing, radar technologies, and ocean-atmosphere interactions during tropical cyclones

  • Sharon L. Smith Sharon L. Smith Professor Emeritus — 305.421.4819

    biological oceanography; zooplankton ecology

  • Brian Soden Brian Soden Professor, — (305) 421-4202

    Tropical Climate Change, Climate Modeling, Remote Sensing

  • Helena M. Solo-Gabriele Helena M. Solo-Gabriele Professor — 305.284.2908

    Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

  • John D. Stieglitz John D. Stieglitz Research Assistant Professor, MES
    — (305) 421-4195

    Aquaculture, fish physiology, environmental toxicology, and bioenergetics.

  • Daniel O. Suman Daniel O. Suman Professor — 305.421.4685

    Environmental Law, Coastal Law, Coastal Management, Environmental Planning, Marine Policy

  • Peter Swart Peter Swart Lewis G. Weeks Professor — 305.421.4103

    Isotope Geochemistry and Paleoclimatology Geology

  • Gary Thomas Gary Thomas Professor — 305.421.4733

    fishery ecology, coastal marine ecosystems, hydroacoustics

  • Nikki Traylor-Knowles Nikki Traylor-Knowles Assistant Professor — (305) 421-4394

    Integrative biology - evolution of immunity and regeneration in cnidarians (corals, sea anemones) the mechanisms of wound healing, and regeneration, and how these processes are affected by environmental shifts.

  • Jacobus van de Kreeke Jacobus van de Kreeke Professor Emeritus — 305.421.4650

    Coastal Engineering, Tidal inlets, Marinas, Estuarine hydrodynamics

  • John Van Leer John Van Leer Associate Professor — 305.421.4044

    Instrument development, upper ocean dynamics, Arctic oceanography, coastal oceanography

  • Linwood Vincent Linwood Vincent Research Professor — 305.421.4954

    Air-sea interaction and surface wave dynamics, high resolution simulation of the ocean-wave-air interface, remote sensing of the ocean, coastal processes

  • Jorge F. Willemsen Jorge F. Willemsen Professor — 305.421.4199

    Deterministic modeling of ocean surface gravity waves, including wind driving and dissipation; physical mechanisms for the transport of nutrients to plankton, including the interactions between zooplankton and phytoplankton.

  • Jingfeng Wu Jingfeng Wu Professor — 305.421.4714

    marine geochemistry of trace metals

  • Paquita Zuidema Paquita Zuidema Professor, — (305) 421-4276

    Clouds, radiation, climate, remote sensing

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