IPCC Conference

Media Workshop

November 12 2015

University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
SLAB Building – 2nd Floor, Seminar Room
Virginia Key, Florida 33149

Diana Udel – dudel@rsmas.miami.edu – Tel: 305-421-4704
Alexandra Bassil – abassil@miami.edu – Tel: 305-284-1092


This Media Workshop training is designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of climate change science and the IPCC process for assessing climate science and the options for adapting to and preventing it.


1. Introduction by the Moderator, Lance Ignon, IPCC Communications Consultant (5 min)
    The IPCC and Its Unprecedented Work to Understand Climate Change (10 minutes)

2. Introduction to Climate Science, Ben Kirtman IPCC Coordinating Lead Author of Working Group (WG) I – Basics of climate science atmospheric science – greenhouse gases, emissions, human impacts  (15 minutes)

3. Impacts of Climate Change and Solution Options by Hans-Otto Pörtner, Co-Chair of Working Group (WG) II, IPCC (15 min)

4. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for the Caribbean Islands, and South-East  United States by John Agard, IPCC Author (WGII) (15 min)

5. Human Security, Including Food and Water Security by Úrsula Oswald-Spring, IPCC Author (WGII) (15 min)

6. Q&A session (30 minutes)


NOTE: To register for the Media Workshop, please contact Diana Udel, Director of Communications, UM Rosenstiel School, or Alexandra Bassil, Associate Director - UM Media Relations

Media is encouraged to attend the moderated panel discussion on Friday, November 13th at 2:00pm - Bank United Center Fieldhouse

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