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We have improved our recycling efforts, making it more convenient to recycle a wider variety of items. Please look through the information below to find out what can be recycled and where the bins are located. If you need specific a bin in your area, please contact Facilities at 5-4066.

Quick recycling reminders:

  • Only place approved, recyclable items in the bins.
  • Do not mix the waste streams — if trash or other contaminants are placed in bins, the whole load is considered trash and cannot be recycled. Please read all posted signs.
  • Please do not dispose of bags along with the items to be recycled — there is a trash can conveniently located next to the recycling area for non-recyclable items and disposal of other items.
  • There have been great upgrades to our recycling program! If you would like a box for recycling in your office, but don’t currently have one, email MSGSO with your office number and they will deliver one to you. You will be responsible for emptying this box into the bin nearest you.

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