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Reserve Fuel Tank

With the increasing threat to groundwater posed by leaking underground storage tanks, and recent mandates imposed by the US EPA and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Rosenstiel School recently completed the removal of a 4,000 gallon underground diesel fuel storage tank used to generate energy for the SLAB in case of power loss.

fuel tank

A double walled 2,000-gallon aboveground tank has replaced the underground tank. Environmentally safe and a practical alternative, the ConVault AST vaulted storage tank system is designed for storing petroleum-based products under compliance with environmental and fire code regulations. A seamless six-inch concrete vault provides thermal protection, minimizing temperature changes for flammable liquids. The system contains no cold joints or heat transfer points on the bottom or sides, while the shell also provides ballistic and vehicle impact protection.

Since the actual costs associated with soil and groundwater clean up are cost-prohibitive, this investment by the University ensures cost-effective planning, compliance with regulatory requirements, and the protection of groundwater and the surrounding coastal community from contamination.

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