Improvements at RSMAS

Chiller Plant

In 2008, the chiller plant on the Virginia Key campus was replaced in order to make cooling the buildings on campus more efficient. The two new chiller units cool and circulate water to air handling units or fan coils where the chilled water is converted to cool air. The cooled air is then supplied to the nearly 300,000 square feet of research laboratories, classrooms, and administrative offices that comprise the Rosenstiel School campus on Biscayne Bay.

The refrigerator R-123 was selected after a careful look into the environmental impact of the different choices available. This refrigerator is very efficient, has the lowest global warming index of all common fluorocarbons, has a long life cycle, and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases (CO, NO and SO).

The installation of the new chiller plant, along with the other energy saving measures the Rosenstiel School has undertaken in the past few years have resulted in a reduction of almost 2 millions kWh, which is equal to driving 925,545 miles (calculated for 27 miles per gallon).

chiller plant

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