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Fernando Bretos

Fernando Bretos (M.A. 2006, MAF)

Mr. Bretos, a marine biologist and environmental educator, is a Research Associate at The Ocean Foundation, the only community foundation devoted to protecting the Planet’s ocean resources. At The Ocean Foundation he oversees the Trinational Initiative for Marine Science and Conservation in the Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean, a multinational program to restore coastal and marine resources shared by the three nations of the Gulf of Mexico: Cuba, Mexico and the United States. Prior to this, Mr. Bretos worked for five years at The Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit marine conservation advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. where he managed the organization’s conservation programs in the Wider Caribbean Basin. He has organized several marine expeditions in Caribbean waters as well as joint workshops with Latin American organizations in sea turtle conservation, coral reef health and marine biodiversity.

Mr. Bretos is also Director of The Reclamation Project at Miami Science Museum. A community based participatory eco-art project, the Project empowers South Florida residents to restore urban coastal ecosystems such as mangrove wetlands and upland urban forests. He coordinates eco-art installations containing Red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) propagules exhibited in clear plastic cups and associated educational outreach at museums, including a 1,100 seedling exhibit at Miami Science Museum, schools and retail areas throughout Miami. In his role he also organizes volunteer-based habitat coastal restoration efforts in Biscayne Bay. Mr. Bretos holds a Master’s degree in Marine Affairs and Policy from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oberlin College.

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