Where are they now?

Cindy Hobson Contreras (M.S. 1990, MBF)

Biologist at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Cindy has been working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) since graduating from RSMAS. She is currently working on a project to establish a coastwide seagrass monitoring program for Texas. In late 2012, she and TPWD will set up permanent seagrass monitoring stations and begin monitoring seagrass coverage and canopy height along the coast. Five seagrass species grow in Texas bays from Galveston Bay down the coast to the Laguna Madre. The goal of this effort is to help ensure conservation of the seagrass beds that provide vital habitat to many commercially and recreationally important estuarine species.

Cindy Hobson
Photo was taken in December 2010 in the Upper Laguna Madre (near Corpus Christi, Texas), and shows Cindy collecting a seagrass core sample.

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