Event Photos

International Coral Reef Symposium 2004

Dozens of Rosenstiel faculty, post-docs, students, and alumni attended The 10th International Coral Reef Symposium, held June 28-July 2, 2004 in Okinawa, Japan. The abundance of UM associated attendees and presentations at the symposium were a testament to the University's prominence in coral reef science on the international stage. Presentations by UM scientists covered a broad range of topics, including reef recovery and restoration, population modeling, coral bleaching and resistance, and fish/reef interactions, to name a few.

In the late afternoon on July 1, the Rosenstiel School attendees gathered at the beach near the conference site for a pre-banquet beach party, complete with 'Canes cheers, drinks, and Japanese snacks. This “beach mini-reunion” was sponsored by the Rosenstiel Alumni Association and graciously hosted by Dr. Peter Glynn. The party gave UM scientists past and present the opportunity to socialize and network with other members of the Rosenstiel School family.

Article by Carolyn Margolin.

RSMAS in Okinawa

Back Row: Dana Williams, Peggy Fong, Howard Lasker, Andrew Baker (A-MBF '99; Wildlife Conservation Society, NY), Peter Glynn (F-MBF; reunion host), Jorge Cortes (A-MBF'90; Univ of Costa Rica), Bill Precht (A-MGG '93; PBSJ, Miami, FL), Tyler Smith (S-MBF), Mark Eakin (A-MBF '91, NOAA, CO), Bernado Vargas (A-MBF '00; Nova, Dania, FL).

Middle Row: Iliana Baums (A/R-MBF '04, RSMAS), Ruben Torres (A-BIO '03; Dominican Republic), Aletta Yniguez (S-MBF), Nohora Galvis (A-MBF '92, Colombia), Monica Medina (A-MBF '98; Joint Genome Inst. CA), Mary Alice Coffroth (A-MBF '88; SUNY Buffalo, NY), Alina Szmant (previous F; UNC, Wilmington, NC), Joshua Feingold (A-MBF '93; Nova, Dania, FL), Peter Swart (F-MGG), Susan Colley-Theodosiou (R-MBF), Zelinda Leao (A-MGG, '82, Univ. of Bahia, Brazil).

Front Row: Erik Stabenau (A-MAC '03; NOAA/AOML, Miami, FL), Carolyn Margolin (S-MBF), Derek Manzello (S-MBF), Marilyn Brandt (S-MBF), Jonathan Kook (S-MBF), Alison Moulding (S-MBF), Harold Hudson, Felimon Gagznilo, Wade Cooper (S-MBF).

In addition to those pictured, about 8-10 RSMAS folks were unable to attend due to previous engagements (including, David Gilian, Patrick Colin (A-MBS '73), David Obura (A-MBF '95, Kenya), Hector Reyes-Bonilla (A-MBF '04; Univ. Aut Baja CAS, La Paz, Mexico), Ken Linderman (A-MBF '97, Miami, FL), Dan Baden (previous F, UNC, Wilmington, NC), John McManus (F-MBF), Michelle Lupei (S-MBF) and Michelle Paddack (S-MBF)