Credit: NOAA

Oceans and Human Health

Information on the oil spill from the Oceans and Human Health Center at the Rosenstiel School. One of only four such centers in the nation funded by the NSF and NIEHS, the Center focuses on biomedical and oceanographic issues relevant to the Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean, as well as global sub-tropical areas worldwide.

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SnapGroup Model

Demersal Fishery Resources
Steven Saul and David Die

To evaluate the impact of the NOAA fishing closures in the demersal fish stocks harvested in the West Florida Shelf an individual-based simulation model has been developed to generate spatially-explicit simulated catch data. The model contains the five most important species in the snapper-grouper complex: red grouper, gag grouper, red snapper, vermilion snapper, and mutton snapper and the fishing vessels that harvest them.

Credit: Cedric Guigand, RSMAS

Fish Larvae




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