Two UM Alumni Named To Forbes 30 Under 30 Science List

Austin Gallagher and Corina Antal are making global impacts in marine science and medicine

MIAMI—University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science alumni Austin Gallagher and Corina Antal were named to the 2016 Forbes 30 under 30 list in science. According to Forbes, the class of 2016 is comprised of “bright entrepreneurs, breakout talents and change agents” in 20 sectors.

UM Rosenstiel School alumnus and adjunct assistant professor Dr. Austin Gallagher is a global conservation biologist, award-winning filmmaker, wildlife photographer, and writer specializing in the conservation and study of predators, with a focus on sharks. He serves as president and CEO for the ocean-centric NGO Beneath the Waves.

“With over 30 publications under his belt in a few short years, Gallagher is already making an impact in the area of conservation biology,” said Forbes on its website. Gallagher is the first American marine biologist to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Gallagher conducts research in collaboration with the UM Shark Research and Conservation Program and completed his doctorate in environmental science through the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy in 2015. His research with UM focuses on the survival and ecology of top marine predators in pristine and human-dominated landscapes.

“Being this year's sole representative from the conservation sphere is huge because it shows that marine and conservation biologists can stand next to the bright minds making discoveries in astrophysics, nano-technology, and cancer and cell research,” said Gallagher. He adds, “To me this is a sign that the world is now valuing young conservation heroes alongside those from technology and medicine - and I hope this inspires future emerging scientists form my field to become leaders and think outside the box.”

Alumna Dr. Corina Antal received her undergraduate degree in marine biology from UM in 2009 and worked in the laboratory of Professor Douglas Crawford. Her senior thesis research focused on evaluating the effects of short-term hypoxia on tissue-specific gene expression in a teleost fish. She also volunteered on research trips for the UM Shark Research and Conservation Program.

“Antal made waves with a paper published in 2015, in which her research uncovered that a group of proteins that was thought to promote the growth of tumors actually suppresses their growth, which could pave the way to new cancer treatments,” said Forbes on its website.

“This was a surprising discovery that overturned a 30-year old dogma in the cancer field, reminding us that we still have a lot left to learn about basic mechanisms of cancer,” said Antal who obtaining her doctorate degree at the University of California at San Diego and is now postdoctoral research associate at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

“We are extremely proud of Austin and Corina for being chosen by Forbes for 30 Under 30. This is a remarkable achievement and well deserved recognition,” said UM Rosenstiel School Dean Roni Avissar.

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Austin Gallagher, Ph.D.	 and Corina Antal, Ph.D.

Austin Gallagher, Ph.D. and Corina Antal, Ph.D.

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