Pulley Ridge PI’s Prepare and Plan for 5-Year Project

MIAMI — Tuesday, November 29, 2011 marked the kickoff meeting for all the Principal Investigators (PIs) working on the 5-year $5 million National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) funded Pulley Ridge Project, under the direction of Lead PI, Dr. Robert Cowen of the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (RSMAS).

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Pulley Ridge is a mesophotic (mid-light) coral ecosystem, home to important species in commercial and recreational fisheries. With Florida’s reef ecosystem in decline, places like Pulley Ridge may serve as sources of larvae that can help sustain the Florida Keys’ ecosystem and the tourism economy that is dependent on it.

Pulley Ridge PIs

From left to right:
Robert Cowen (Lead PI, RSMAS/UM), Andrew Baker (RSMAS/UM), William Browne (BIO/UM), Felimon Gayanilo (CCS/UM), David Gruber (CUNY), Margie Oleksiak (largely hidden; RSMAS/UM), Felicia Coleman (FSU), John Reed (HBOI/FAU), Xaymara Serrano (RSMAS/UM), Rick Reira-Gomez (RSMAS/UM), Jessica Lou (RSMAS/UM), Peter Ortner (RSMAS/UM), Shirley Pomponi (HBOI/FAU), Chris Mader (CCS/UM), Jerald Ault (RSMAS/UM), Ryan Smith (NOAA), Arnold Valle-Levinson (UF), Kimberly Puglise (NOAA), Villy Kourafalou (RSMAS/UM), George Halliwell (NOAA), Josefina Olascoaga (RSMAS/UM), Su Sponaugle (RSMAS/UM), Esther Goldstein (RSMAS/UM), Dennis Hanisak (HBOI/FAU), David Die (RSMAS/UM).

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