CIMAS Hosts Inaugural Meeting of NOAA CARIB Steering Committee at Univ. of Miami

MIAMI — September 8, 2011 — The Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS)hosted the first meeting of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Caribbean Steering Committee at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, Aug. 31-Sept 1.  Dubbed NOAA Carib, this is a forum created to improve communications and coordination among NOAA personnel, NOAA partners and stakeholders throughout the Caribbean region.

The inaugural meeting was convened for the purpose of defining the guiding principles and objectives of the new group including how it would support the NOAA Caribbean Strategy over the next few years. An outgrowth of NOAA’s Southeast and Caribbean Regional Team (SEACART), NOAA Carib’s members include not only some members of SECART but additional personnel working in the Caribbean.  The Steering Committee meeting covered topics such as:

  • delineating geographic scope/participant involvement
  • defining membership/operations
  • quantifying outreach and communication possibilities
  • analyzing local Caribbean partner feedback
  • understanding new NOAA efforts in the Caribbean area (ie: Coastal Marine Spatial Planning in the Caribbean, NOAA Caribbean Strategy)
  • identifying fiscal year 2012 priorities.

In the upcoming year, NOAA Carib will work to create a web presence, plan a 2012 NOAA Carib meeting, prioritize the needs of constituents in the region, define and evaluate inventory resourcing opportunities, establish stronger partnerships with regional organizations, increase internal NOAA communication, and build public awareness of NOAA’s link to the Caribbean economy.

NOAA Carib aims to attract and preserve resources that will address regional issues and concerns via a “One NOAA” approach, which in turn will help NOAA achieve its long term goals in the Caribbean and in the shorter term enhance the SECART partnership and enable the NOAA Caribbean Strategy.

For further information on NOAA Carib, please contact Dana Wusinich-Mendez ( or CIMAS Director Peter Ortner (

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