AAA Members Showcase NSF Study to U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON D.C. — September 16, 2011 — American Anthropological Association members Drs. Kenny Broad and Ben Orlove participated in a showcase of NSF-funded Hazard Research on Capitol Hill last week in recognition of National Preparedness Month (September). The showcase took place at the Hart Senate Office Building where members of Congress and their staffers could drop-in to learn about the important use of NSF funding.

The researchers are part of a dynamic team that studies how natural hazard warnings can be improved. Joined by Robert Meyer, Shuyi Chen, Jay Baker and Katherine Thompson, this team seeks to understand how the public interprets and responds to information about natural hazards.

In order to best serve the people of the United States in the face of natural hazards, further research is needed to understand the influence of mass media, social interactions, and past experience with false alarms, on public response to forecasting.

Orlove, Meyer, Broad
Ben Orlove, Robert Meyer and Kenneth Broad in the Hart Senate Office Building. Credit: American Anthropological Association

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