Travis Thyberg

Travis Thyberg

MBF PhD Student

Marine Biology & Fisheries

University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149
Tel: 305-421-4209


A returned Peace Corps volunteer, who worked towards a degree in Benthic Ecology at FIU for several years, started working in the RSMAS Benthic Ecology lab early 2008 with concentrations on seagrass dominated ecosystems while supplying support as needed to the coral nursery projects. After four years spent in Zambia, Africa working on the local rural aquaculture promotion project, he returned to the states to work towards his Masters at FIU. After several years of working with the incredible people there, he shifted his efforts to full time employment. He is currently pursuing the Professional Masters program under the Marine Biology and Fisheries division at UM-RSMAS, while continuing employment and leading the seagrass monitoring project at the RSMAS Benthic Ecology Lab. With previous experience in marine benthic ecology, concentrations are being made towards marine law and policy to have a greater understanding of human interactions/management of his primary area of interest — nearshore benthic habitats.