BMS launches new section dedicated to research tools in marine science


MIAMI — May 26, 2015 — I am delighted to announce the launch of a new category of papers for our journal. Under the banner “Research Tools in Marine Science”, our intent is to capture short articles from scientists, engineers, inventors, and industry that objectively present the merits of a new research gear, instrument, device, or system with potential to advance marine research. Starting with volume 91 no 3 (July 2015), we will publish the first of what we hope will be many such articles. Koenig and Stallings (2015) describe the construction and operation of a rotating underwater video system for conducting fish surveys and quantifying habitat condition. The relatively inexpensive, compact, and unobtrusive nature of their system has great potential for conducting synoptic fish and habitat surveys wherever visibility allows.

If you or your colleagues have built and applied a novel device, gadget or system that provided new data or insight into an area of marine research, consider crafting a manuscript and submitting it to BMS under our new Research Tools category. Submitted Research Tools manuscripts should include a brief problem statement, followed by a description, graphic depiction(s), and cost estimate of the featured tool. Also required are relevant data and analyses that allow assessment of purported gains in efficiency, volume, and/or diversity of empirical data obtained through the tool’s use. When possible, new tool comparisons with standard methodology should be performed.  All submissions will be subject to peer-review and authors will be required to disclose any relationships and/or conflicts of interest with manufacturers or other entities.

Research Tools articles should comprise the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Description of Research Tool, Data Collection and Analyses, Current and Future Application(s), Disclosure Statements, Acknowledgments, Literature Cited, Tables and Figures.

We look forward to your contributions and feedback on this new initiative.

If you would like to see an example of this new category of BMS papers, please click here.

Joseph E. Serafy, PhD


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