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The Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment (CARTHE), part of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative based at RSMAS just launched its revamped web site. The updated web portal is devoted to interactive information and science education, allowing online users to track the progress of the groundbreaking oceanographic experiments taking place.

“Our goal is to provide visitors with an enhanced interactive experience when they are looking for information about our program and our research on ocean currents – whether they are a scientist, student, member of the press or member of the general public,” said Dr. Tamay Ozgokmen, CARTHE Director and Rosenstiel School Professor. “We are doing significant, innovative research with investigators from 14 institutions through CARTHE, and are excited to share our findings with the public.”

The CARTHE site’s new, streamlined design is clutter free, and was created in collaboration with Professor Kim Grinfeder and his team from the UM School of Communication. It offers improved navigation, links to social media resources, videos of experts, computer animations, and prominently features major news items on the home page, as well as an engaging overview video that serves as a welcome to the site.