Research Team Takes on Monster Waves and Shark-infested Waters to Study Global Climate

UM Rosenstiel School Associate Professor Lisa Beal and her research team are headed to the waters off of South Africa to study one of the world’s strongest ocean currents – the Agulhas Current.

Beal’s research team embarked today on a month-long expedition to monitor the Agulhas. The expedition is part of the Agulhas Time-Series Experiment, a three-year, NSF-funded study to understand how the current’s behavior is both affected by climate change and also has an effect on climate change.

The Agulhas Current flows along the southwestern coast of Africa from the Indian Ocean into the southern Atlantic Ocean. It’s well known for its treacherous winds, monster waves and shark-infested waters. It also turns out to be an important site to study global climate.

Check out their daily expedition journal as the research team takes on the Agulhas.

Annie Reisewitz
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