Resting Easier

After packing all of our science equipment and personal gear to be shipped from Miami to Seattle, I knew that I wouldn’t be resting easy until after arriving in Seattle and loading our stuff onto the ship. But oddly, after … Continue reading

Summer Course in Water Resources: VietNam and China


Nine students from the University of Miami participated in a month-long UM course on “Water Resources: Science, Law, and Policy” in VietNam and China from 17 May to 12 June 2015. The course, cross-listed by the UM School of Law … Continue reading

Award-Winning Faculty! German Cross of Merit and more…

Hans Graber

Professor Graber receives the German Cross of Merit Hans C. Graber, UM Rosenstiel School professor of ocean sciences and director of the Center for Southeastern Tropical Remote Sensing (CSTARS), was awarded the Federal Cross of the Order of Merit, or Bundesverdienstkreuz, … Continue reading

World Oceans Day: Thought Leaders


UM Rosenstiel School faculty provide their insight on the oceans. Dennis Hansell, Chair and Professor, Department of Ocean Sciences “Think of the ocean as you would the blood coursing through our bodies.  It offers connectivity to all corners, leaving no part … Continue reading

Faculty Profile: Dr. Claire Paris

Claire Paris

As an ocean scientist at the UM Rosenstiel School, Claire Paris spends days observing the movements of tiny fish larvae in a unique underwater drifting laboratory. She has developed scientific instruments to listen to, and observe these important, but often … Continue reading

Marine Chemistry Pioneer Frank Millero Retires

After 49 years world-renowned Marine Chemist Frank Millero is retiring as a full professor of ocean sciences from the UM Rosenstiel School. Millero will join the ranks as a professor emeritus while still maintaining his active ocean science research laboratory … Continue reading