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Research Opportunities

All meteorology students are encouraged to get involved in research at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science during their undergraduate careers. A typical research track is to first enroll in ATM371 'Reading Topics' (1 cr), allowing them to write a paper on a topic of their interest under the guidance of an advisor. Thereafter research credit is accrued through enrollment in ATM411 'Special Topics', for 1-3 credits. This can culminate in a senior thesis, for the equivalent of six credits. Other research opportunities include paid REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates), both at RSMAS for example at South Florida's Cloud-Aerosol-Rain Observatory, and at summer internships at other institutions. These include U. of Oklahoma, CMAP at Colorado State University, Texas A&M, and the National Weather Service.

Previous senior theses conducted under the guidance of Meteorology faculty:

Kristin Rasmussen, 2005: “RICO Aerosol, Sonde, and Flux Measurements aboard the R/V Seward Johnson for 1/19/05 to 1/24/05”. Advisor: Dr. Bruce Albrecht

Angie Pendergrass, 2006: "Climate Feedbacks in the Surface Radiation Budget". Advisor: Dr. Brian Soden.

Michael K. Hernandez, 2007.  "Hurricane Katrina Reanalysis over South Florida". Advisor: Dr. Sharan Majumdar

Lauren Franck, 2008.  "Multi-model assessment of geographic warming patterns and impacts on coral reefs through 2050". Advisors: Drs. Amy Clement and Andrew Baker

Peter M. Finocchio, 2009.  "Evaluating ensemble forecasts of Tropical Cyclones".  Advisor: Dr. Sharan Majumdar

Corey A. Walton, 2009.  "An analysis of tropical cyclone intensity estimates of the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU), 2005-2008".  Advisor: Dr. Chris Landsea     (NHC)/    Sharan Majumdar

Benjamin Cathey, 2011. “God Will Judge” (high school football in FL’s cane country)".Advisor:  Joe Treaster (communications school).

Ken Dixon, 2011, “Effect of tropical cyclone structure on storm intensity prediction”. Advisor: Dr. Shuyi Chen

Jeremy Berman, 2013: “Verification of medium-range tropical cyclone track forecasts.”. Advisor: Dr. Sharan Majumdar

Jonathan Labriola, 2013: “The prediction of pre-genesis tropical disturbances using operational statistical and dynamical models”. Advisor: Dr. Sharan Majumdar

Adam Cavender, 2014: “Analysis of the factors promoting tornadogenesis using NCDC storm events and IGRA data”. Advisor: Dr. Paquita Zuidema Poster Thesis

Alex Goldstein, 2014: “The influence of initial downdraft convective available potential energy conditions on supercell thunderstorm low-level rotation using Weather Research and Forecasting model simulations”. Advisor: Dr. Paquita Zuidema Poster

Sara Purdue, 2014: “Characteristics of the summer 2013 Miami Saharan dust events”. Advisor: Dr. Paquita Zuidema Poster Thesis ThesisFigures

Kevin Rodriguez, 2014: “Vertification of tropical cyclone wind radii, intensity, and track forecasts for guidance models in Atlantic basin storms”. Advisor: Dr. Sharan Majumdar Poster Thesis

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