Meteorology Program

Broadcast Meteorology

We offer three different tracks preparing students for careers in Broadcast Meteorology.

Ben Cathey, class of 2011, KELO-TV

1. A double Meteorology-Broadcast Journalism major is available through coordination with the School of Communications. The double major includes some relaxation of the requirements towards the meteorology degree, to help students finish the double major within four years. MSC 111 is not required, ATM 265 (Atmospheric Chemistry) is recommended instead of CHM 111 and 113, and only one of [MTH224, MTH311, MTH320] is required. The meteorology electives may all be taken from the School of Communications. A sample curriculum for the double major can be found within the latest Advising Guide. Students pursuing the double major are advised to seek advising from Andrew Barton,, within the Communication School by their sophomore year.

2. A Meteorology major can include a minor in Broadcast Journalism. The 18-credit Broadcast Journalism minor consists of CEM 102 Introduction to Electronic Media, CNJ 108 Writing for the Digital Age, CNJ 216 News Reporting and Writing, CEM 245 Introduction to Electronic Media Production, CEM 317 Broadcast Journalism, and ATM 306 Broadcast Meteorology or other 300-level or higher class with the approval of Broadcast Journalism Program Director Dr. Terry Bloom.

3. A five-year curriculum leading to a Masters in Professional Science within a Broadcast Meteorology track is also available, described at MPS-Broadcast Meteorology

Students completing the double major/minor or MPS program have been successful in finding work within the broadcast meteorology field. Alumni and their job placements include:

Vanessa Alonso (KTVO), Josh Knight (WKRC), Amelia Nahmias (WHSV), Brittany Patterson (WNWO), Julie Phillips (KTXS), Bri Winkler (KABC), Ben Cathey (KELO-TV) and David Yeomans (KYAN).

Meteorology students are also active as weather broadcasters and forecasters on the UM TV Weather Channel

Milmar Ramirez and Jesus Lopez, class of 2014
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science campus

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