Marine Science Program

Marine Science/Computer Science

Marine Science: Introduction to Marine Science (MSC 111), Marine Chemistry (215), Marine Biology (230), Physical Oceanography (301), Physical Oceanography Lab (302), Scientific Programming for Atmospheric/Marine Science (321), either Marine Chemistry Lab (216) or Marine Biology Lab (232), and 9 elective credits in Marine Science, at least 6 of which must be at the 300-level or higher. For MSC course descriptions click here.

Biology: Either General Biology with lab (BIL 150, 151), or Evolution & Biodiversity with lab (160, 161).

Chemistry: Principles of Chemistry I and II, with labs (CHM 111, 112, 113, 114).

Computer Science: Programming I, II (CSC 120, 220), Computer Architecture (314), System Programming (322), Software Engineering (531) and 6 credits of approved elective as described in the Bulletin for Computer Science majors. 

Geological Sciences: Earth System, with lab (GSC 110, 114), or Earth System History (111)

Mathematics: Calculus I, II (MTH 161, 162), Linear Algebra (210), Discrete Mathematics (309), and Ordinary Differential Equations (311). A minor in Mathematics is earned with an adequate MTH GPA.

Physics: University Physics (PHY 205, 206, 207, and either 208 or 209).

Statistics: either MSC204 or MTH224.

English: Composition I and II (ENG 105, 106).

Arts and Humanities cognate, 9 cr.

People and Society cognate, 9 cr.

Six credits of elective, including three at the upper level, to be approved by advisor.

UM Undergrad