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Climate Science and Policy minor

A minor in Climate Science and Policy is now offered to all UM students by the Rosenstiel School. The 15 credit minor will fulfill either the People and Society or STEM cognate requirement. The minor consists of

MSC 346 (Climate Science and Policy, 3cr)

Three science-based classes chosen from:
ATM 102 (Introduction to Weather and Climate, 3cr) or ATM 103 (Survey of Meteorology, 3cr)
ATM/MSC 220 (Climate and Global Change, 3cr)
MSC 222 (Earth’s Climate: Past and Future, 3cr)
ATM 307 (Physics of Climate, 3cr)
GSC  462 (Earth’s Ancient Atmospheres, Climates and Sea Levels, 3cr)

One policy class chosen from:
MSC 313 (Coastal Law, 3cr)
MSC 314 (Ocean Law, 3cr)
MSC 340 (Ocean Policy, 3cr)
MSC 342 (Decision Making and the Environment, 3cr)
RSM 520 (Climate and Society, 3cr)
Or suitable alternative with approval of MSC/ATM program director

1) Students majoring in Meteorology should replace ATM 103 with a second class from the policy list.   2) Students from a program without a statistics requirement must also take an approved course in statistics, increasing this to an 18-credit minor. Approved statistics courses include the statistics courses offered throughout all of UM programs, including MTH 224, MSC 204,BIL311, ECS204, EPS351, GSC204, HSC202,  IEN311, MAS201, MAS311, NUR202, PSY291, PSY292.

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