Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Student Activities

Aquarium Club

The club maintains the coral culture tanks in the MSC laboratory, and works with coral and invertebrate culture projects in the field, and on the RSMAS campus.

Atmospheric Club

The Atmospheric Club participates in the National Forecasting contest, visits weather laboratories and operates their own weather station. Club members also participate in atmospheric research and present at local and national meetings.

Earth Alert

Open to students across campus, Earth Alert members think globally and act locally to improve the environment on and off campus. The club is very active in promoting recycling, highway and beach cleanups, and environmental education.

Marine Mammal Stranding Network

This student organized network works with the National Marine Fisheries Service to respond to marine mammal strandings in South Florida. The club organizes training for members in photo identification, anatomy, physiology, ecology and pathology.

Propeller Club

The student port of the Propeller Club is sponsored by the cruise line, shipping and business interests at the port of Miami. Students network with industry personnel and address projects and concerns of the local shipping community.


RhoRhoRho is the marine and atmospheric honor society dedicated to scholarship, awareness and preservation of the ocean. Anyone interested in the ocean is welcome to join as a general member. Further advancement within the club can be made by fulfilling GPA requirements.


The scuba club is open to students across the campus and is one of the most active student organizations. Members must be certified divers before joining. The club meets weekly for speakers and trips.

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