Ocean Sciences

Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Ocean Sciences (OCE) graduate program at the Rosenstiel School! The department is composed of faculty, staff, and students formerly affiliated with the Divisions of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry, and Applied Marine Physics. The new OCE graduate program naturally fosters multidisciplinary research and education in a wide variety of topics at the interfaces between physical, chemical, and biological oceanography. Simultaneously, we have maintained all of our disciplinary strengths.

Our Ph.D. students focus in one of four broad research concentrations: Air-Sea Interaction and Remote Sensing; Marine Biogeochemistry; Marine Biophysical Interactions; and Ocean Dynamics. Our Ph.D. students are typically supported for three years as a research assistant on a faculty-led research grant, and for two years as a Rosenstiel School-sponsored teaching assistant. We offer competitive stipends to our students, currently about $29k per year, and we provide health insurance. We also offer M.S. degrees, and – for those in a hurry to enter the workforce – Master of Professional Science degrees with specializations in Applied Remote Sensing, Natural Hazards and Catastrophes, and Computational Meteorology and Oceanography.

The Rosenstiel School offers a stimulating academic environment with a collegial community in an exciting, diverse, multicultural, international, and beautiful city. Our outstanding faculty and research facilities make the Rosenstiel School an ideal place to study the ocean sciences. If you have any questions about graduate student opportunities in OCE at the Rosenstiel School, please contact me.

Come join us!


Mike Brown
OCE Professor and Graduate Program Director

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