Marine Ecosystems & Society

Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Marine Ecosystems & Society Graduate Program!

We are part of a world-class academic program at the Rosenstiel School, and our dynamic faculty will showcase how societies and marine ecosystems are intrinsically linked. As a student in our program, you will come to fully understand why we cannot solve some of the ocean’s greatest crises without accepting people and seas as two parts of the same earth system. We are living through challenging times, and we must confront the consequences of climate change and the overuse of our ocean resources as a unified team of scientists, students, managers, and professionals. These efforts will be supplemented with unprecedented advances in technology and greater public awareness about the plight of the environment. In the Marine Ecosystems and Society (MES) program, we offer you the tools and knowledge needed to be part of the solution to these challenges. You will get a broad and interdisciplinary education that will help you become the global leader, regional scientist, educator, communicator, entrepreneur, or resource manager of the future.

Through our courses, networking, practical training, and research experiences, you will learn how to develop your own solutions to the challenges of climate change, overfishing, resource allocation, and ecosystem and species conservation. You and your peers will be the first generation to clearly understand the link between marine ecosystem health and the services provided by these ecosystems, which are critical to human well-being. In the MES program, we will help you acquire the ecological, cultural, socio-economic, and political knowledge that will ultimately elevate your ability to integrate science, humanity, and sustainability in powerful and meaningful ways.

If you have any questions about the MES program, please feel to reach out to me. Join us and become a leader who will help shape the future of the marine environment for generations to come.


Jill L. Richardson, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Programs Marine Ecosystems and Society
Senior Lecturer, Marine Ecosystems and Society

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