Marine Biology & Ecology

MBE Fellowships

Below and attached is an overview of student support (stipends, research support and best publication awards) available this fall. Please see attached for detailed announcements and note that, for all awards available, preference will be given to students in good standing. Specifically to the best publication award note that in contrast to previous years, this award is available also to recent PhDs from MBE (defended in 2008 or 2009).

Best Wishes

The MBE Academic Committee

Award Deadline Value Eligibility Announcement of Awards
Rowland fellowship (announced earlier) October 5th One year stipend + health insurance (tuition waived) Advanced to candidacy — In good standing Oct 16th
Rowland best publication award Oct 26th See announcement See announcement Nov 27th
Rowland research support Nov 9th Two or more awards up to $4,000 each Any MBF student in good standing Nov 27th
ILTTA research support October 26th Two or more awards up to $2,000 each Students working on any aspect of sports fisheries Nov 13th
Knight fellowship Nov 9th One year stipend + health insurance (tuition waived) 2nd and 3rd year students working with aspects of molecular biology Nov 27th