Atmospheric Sciences


Students in ATM take a selection of the courses listed below, together with students in the Ocean Sciences (OCE) and Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (MPO) programs. Students are also able to take courses offered by other programs. Further details of course and credit requirements are provided in the ATM Student Handbook.

Introductory Graduate Courses (3 credits)

Advanced Weather Forecasting

Applied Data Analysis
Atmospheric Chemistry
Broadcast Meteorology

Climate Change
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I
Introduction to Atmospheric Science
Introduction to Science Policy
Mesoscale Meteorology

Advanced Graduate Courses (3 credits)

Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Climate Dynamics

Cloud Physics and Radiative Transfer
ENSO Dynamics, Prediction, and Predictability

General Circulation of the Atmosphere
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II


Reaction Kinetics and Molecular Dynamics
Vortex Dynamics

Directed Readings Courses (1 credit)

Climate Dynamics
Cloud Physics
Our Moist Convecting Atmosphere