Welcome to Graduate Studies at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Whether you are a new or continuing graduate student, or simply investigating the possibilities that await you in graduate school, this site will allow you to explore all that a University of Miami education has to offer.

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We have seven graduate programs at the Rosenstiel school. Information about each program can be found for:

  • Applied Marine Physics
  • Marine & Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Marine Affairs & Policy
  • Marine Biology & Fisheries
  • Marine Geology & Geophysics
  • Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
  • Ocean Engineering
  • You can find details about the opportunities for PhD research for the upcoming 2015-16 academic year here


    The Rosenstiel School offers one of the largest, most comprehensive marine and atmospheric graduate programs in the nation. Robust academics and in-depth scientific investigation are hallmarks of our programs. Following are some handy links for a prospective student. Visit this page for more information.


    The Masters of Professional Science (MPS) allows students to pursue advanced training in science while also developing highly-valued professional skills that prepare them for science careers in business, government, or NGOs. Full time students can complete their coursework in as little as a year, in more than 10 areas of study.

    Professional Master

    Fast Facts

    Fast Facts

    Concise introduction to our graduate program.

    Student Publications

    Graduate Student Publications

    Our Ph.D. students are making an impact through their notable contributions to scientific publications. Click here to see a list of recent articles.



    Graduates students at Rosenstiel have their own organization. Click here to see what they are up to.