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10th Annual Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop (CPASW)

March 13–15, 2012
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.


NOAA’s 10th annual Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop (CPASW) will bring together climate information users, tool developers, researchers, and providers to identify recommended state-of the-art science practices on the use of climate information and gaps in climate data and prediction services. The goals of 2012 CPASW are to build a community of climate practitioners, discover user needs, assess impacts of climate forecasts on environmental-societal interactions, identify the science potential for meeting these needs, and provide feedback to producers on the usability of existing climate products. The 10th CPASW will be held in Miami, Florida, during March 13-15, 2012. Please refer to logistics information for conference local details.

The 2012 CPASW will feature broad discussions revolving around the integrated theme of “Climate Services for National Security Challenges”. The workshop will highlight national and global uses of data and outlooks from seasonal to decadal scales in applications for a broad array of national security issues: state stability (including border security), international treaties, environmental regulation, resilience of coastal communities, security of natural resources, transportation, health, energy, food including agriculture and fisheries.

CPASW 2012 participants will include climate information providers, brokers, and users. We invite abstracts that address the use of climate predictions and projections in any of the focus areas listed above. We also encourage abstracts that identify additional applications of climate information for users in other relevant sectors.

Who should attend the 10th annual CPAS Workshop:

  • Decision-makers who utilize climate predictions, products, and services
  • Researchers working on application of climate information in various fields of National Security
  • Developers and providers of climate applications and tools
  • Applied climatologists and scientists who use climate information
  • Social scientists who work with climate-sensitive stakeholders

The abstract deadline is December 2, 2011. Please submit your abstract using the form here.

Registration and logistics information will be available on December 2, 2011.

For more information on CPASW please click here.

For additional information please contact workshop organizers:

» David Letson (, 305-421-4083),
» Teri Villamor ( , 305-421-4085)
» Marina Timofeyeva (, 301-713-1970 ext. 131), and
» Jenna Meyers (, 301-713-1970 ext.123)