Past Recipients

2003 Recipient

Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Miller Dr. Kenneth G. Miller, Chairman and Professor of Geology at Rutgers University, is the 27th and 2003 recipient of the Rosenstiel Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to marine geology.

Miller is a leader in the study of the history of sea level using micro fossils and chemical clues for dating and explaining the earth’s subsurface anatomy. His work focuses on sedimentary deposits beneath the shoreline and continental shelf off New Jersey. The deposits, like a history book, record the rise and fall of sea levels driven by the growth and demise of glaciers and map the geological history of the Atlantic margin of North America during the past 60 million years. His reconstruction is now the model for a class of continental margins geologists — term passive margins. They occur worldwide at various times in earth history, and some, like the one beneath the Gulf Coast, contain major reservoirs of oil and gas.

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