Rosenstiel Award

Past Recipients

Dr. Forest Rohwer, 2016
Dr. Tim J. Wright, 2015
Dr. Emily Shuckburgh, 2014
Dr. Cecilia Bitz, 2013
Dr. James Sanchirico, 2012
Dr. Peter Mumby, 2011
Dr. Jose Luis Jimenez, 2010
Dr. Rosalind E.M. Rickaby, 2009
Dr. Dennis McGillicuddy, 2008
Dr. Axel Timmermann, 2007
Dr. Tundi Agardy, 2006
Dr. Roderic William Wilson, 2005
Dr. Nicolas Gruber, 2004
Dr. Kenneth G. Miller, 2003
Dr. Stephen E. Belcher, 2002
Dr. Lynne Talley, 2001
Dr. Gisli Palsson, 2000
Dr. Richard T. Barber, 1999
Dr. Ralph F. Keeling 1997
Dr. Richard Fairbanks 1995
Dr. David Farmer 1994
Dr. Isaac Held 1993
Dr. Lee G. Anderson 1992
Dr. Sallie W. Chisholm 1991
Dr. James E. Lovelock 1990
Dr. Robert A. Duce 1990
Dr. Mark D. Kurz 1988
Dr. Chiang C. Mei 1986
Dr. Adrian E. Gill 1985
Dr. Farooq Azam 1984
Dr. Trevor Platt 1984
Dr. William T. Jenkins 1983
Dr. Anthony B. Watts 1982
Dr. Klaus Wyrtki 1981
Dr. David H. Cushing 1980
Dr. John G. Schlater 1979
Professor Henry M. Stommel 1977
Dr. Gordon A. Riley 1976
Dr. Kenneth O. Emery 1975
Dr. S. A Kitaigorodskii 1973
Dr. Norman B. Marshall 1972
Dr. Alfred E. Ringwood 1971

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