in memory of Volfango Rupolo

It is with a very heavy heart that we write this email. Our good friend and colleague, Volfango Rupolo, passed away on Monday night. Volfango was a physical oceanographer at ENEA in Italy, and a world leader in analyzing Lagrangian data, studying ocean turbulence, and describing the oceanography of the Mediterranean Sea. In particular, his work on "A Lagrangian-based approach to determine trajectories taxonomy and turbulence regimes" is one of the most original, brilliant research ideas for analyzing Lagrangian data to have ever been published. Besides being a great scientist, Volfango was one of the nicest people that one could ever have the pleasure to meet. One of our fondest memories of him was from the last LAPCOD meeting when he used trajectories from his very cool alphabet to spell out "Thank You!" He will be missed by all of us.